cuz my seconds, minutes, hours, go to the almighty . . .



Ah si, Lil Wayne spits it. You know its truth.

So let it be know, dis SoloSol is privileged beyond belief! Last semester my work life was Live Nude Model for an advanced drawing class here at UTPA, creativity abound! Along with that, I squeezed in a few substitute teaching jobs, relishing the creative energy of our valle youth :) 

From there Tizoc, facebook friend, hooked it up with an awesome lil holiday job peddling RainSoft filtration systems (here it got a lil questionable for me…do i want to be a Pusher? am i doing this just for the dolla dolla bill ya’ll??)

Question answered by one customer who did not sign up on the offer sighting, “na i wouldnt want to rip you off for 20$…”

So my last day with them was yesterday, a sunday, at the Weslaco Home Depot… where I met the Mayor of Weslaco, Mr.Wise (lol, 4 real that’s his last name ;) and within the same breath caught a glimpse of some prestine tattoo art, on a fellow who proudly took off his shirt and told me it was prison art. Ahh valley, do I love you! :)

Now, we once again are gratefully hired for an amazing position: Resident Activity Leader at the Si Se Puede! Learning Center in Casa Saldana Mercedes. WUT WUT! Part of the Cesar Chavez united farmworkers, LUPE, Americorps, need I say more?? :D I am beyond happy, here is my heart, smiles all around, I thank you for letting me share the good! :D :D :D

gracias mundo! :D

ABCDeLF worldview|channel


wut it means to be everything


I will add commentary as it comes, wut does it mean to be everything?

How does that which is everything thank the elements of existence that has made wut is? By being que es .SoloSol camino diez millas para todos, para gracias. I trek from UTPA Edinburg,Tx to South Texas College, McAllen,Tx | 3hrs20min |es Aqui y es Ahora! IT IS HERE AND IT IS NOW! Valle lindo, thank you PanAmericaUnidosEstados para savar mi vida con tu technologia, para dar mi Opportunidada, y para fester in me a want|need to spread love!

I will add commentary as it comes, wut does it mean to be everything?

In a recent conversation, the Lakota Aloysius Weasel Bear told me that he once asked his grandfather, “Grandpa, the White Man is destroying everything, shouldn’t we try to stop him?” His grandfather replied, “No, it isn’t necessary. We will stand by. He will outsmart himself.” The grandfather recognized two things in this reply: (1) That Separation carries the seeds of its own demise, and (2) That his people’s role is to be themselves. But I don’t think that this is an attitude of callousness that leaves the White Man to his just desserts; it is an attitude of compassion and helping that understands the tremendous importance of simply being who they are. They are keeping alive something that the planet and the community of all being needs.            -The Three Seeds

I face the terror of the ego, the spoke of the machine which is implanted, impregnated i take away, i take away. the sun shines and we glisten golden Now, do we wish to sell our golden selves? i said my mama mama mama agos lost sight of what is and now in this carnation We see, mama mama mama agos this is now and now we see. shedding ego embracing eco, spreaded wings we are home in our hearts which are our minds creating . everything happens now. man knows. now becomes the past :  the future becomes now

I will add commentary as it comes, wut does it mean to be everything?


native n foreign

mammal-yet separate/other by label, homosapien

flesh of the earth -NOW- with manmade materials!!!  install this titanium rod with due cause and charge the people, fit the bill correctly, ignore the fact the body, the bone, is made to endure and mend itself, drugs and drugs and drugs till the insides cant take no more.

$100,000+ huh. n wut if this collusion had happened o, a few mnths later, after the Medicaid had expired? would so much installation have been done?

I DO NOT mean to confuse, I know my very life was at risk and I greatly appreciate the educated salvation, but was all this titanium metal, from my hip to my ankle, really necessary? mhhh es a good question mandita… es a good question…

Tamaula, Mexico : Summer 2010 : direct, unmediated physical experience :)


this is Tamaula,Mx : UTPA Panorama Fall 2010

“The proliferation of materialism, technology, conceptuality and abstraction-all various methods of distancing from direct experience-is undermining sacred perspectives worldwide. Hiding effects and relationships behind veils of concept, language, and physical distance, the sum total of that which is “entitled to veneration” in our world is becoming smaller and smaller. Further, as we lose genuine contact with each other-and direct, unmediated physical experience-the intamcy through which compassion is naturally engendered is quickly and easily lost.”

-”Sacredness: The Ground of Learning”

The Heart of Learning: Spirituality in Education



This Indian in the Library beams!

I was awarded a grant to go to Guanajuato,Mexico in conjunction with FeelGoodWorld and Choice Humanitarian!

“8 day international partnership trip to experience first hand the work of our partners on the ground. You will work side-by-side with motivated villagers to complete various village initiated projects: water systems, bio-gas digesters, and more. This is an inter-cultural exchange that builds personal relationships, reveals our interconnectedness, and transforms our lives.” 

I am so excited! Prepeare for Greatness!

Gallery 2010


 YouTube Promo!

The student liberal arts magazine here at UTPA, Gallery 2010, has been sent out to the printers!

Woot!WOot! Keep Checking Back for more info about launch/awards party set for May 14!

 As Art & Design Director for this year’s issue, I did my most to create a beautiful showcase of our students work!

-Mandy d

(p.s. the magazines in the video are from a past year, expect awesomness with this years cover art, created by our Editor in Chief, Andrew S.)


Heads Up: M.I.A “Born Free” Video>M.I.A -Born Free Video

VEVO>M.I.A Born Free Vid

The Huffignton Post 4-26-10



Festival of International Books & Arts : O wut a better place for this Indian in the Library to be! :D

Here we see a gathering of Valley folk, la Raza Cosmica! 

we Honor: Jose Vasconcelos y Gloria Anzaldua

la Mestiza rises. this is our destiny mija :)

Artificial Foliage: The Root, THIS IS MY NATURAL HABITAT


I have been created for your pleasure

For you beauty

I swirl and ball leaf like no other

In plastic molds wire intense dye like no other

Hands work me labor is


For buyers pleasure

I have been created


Note: reality is what we create it to be


see my beauty

exemplified by photograph

I exist in this setting only

Created for your pleasure


Buyer is what they see, my manufacturers

I see

human soul human sol solo soul sol out sol


a sol speaks:

this elder should not be alone

why does this box exist?

fulfillment is found local


we deserve a reality outside of this box


look again


grandma will find her green thumb

garden soil colors of natural beauty

thank you earth

she whispers

as we glide by on our way to fulfillment

smile and wave

for our solo sol is filled with happiness

the beauty of grandmas garden

is for all all all






grandmas love


with earths

see a new reality in this photograph

and it will exist.

see a new reality

and beauty is realized.




and we begin with a question, where do the thoughts in your head take you?

i know a difficulty in stepping away from the thoughts of my ego, said inner voice that is constantly judging what is seen, in my case, often negatively, Ego made a comment that what i have is not as good as what another has… and i felt like less. 

MY WHOLE BEING FELT LIKE LESS because my inner voice is constant with its judgments, so i separate and say goodbye to that voice and say hello to a new voice that takes a breath of fresh air and calms down calm calm calm this newnew takes in every scene aware of the oneness of all, a negative judgment out is really a negative judgment in, ok understood.

and now… how to maintain a loving inner voice that appreciates all..


keep this constant

humans are gods creatures.
god is love.
humans are creatures of love.


My soul o my soul, to discover and to be what it is that i was created to be, HERE and NOW, my soul o my soul

i knew a difficulty in letting go of what my thoughts constructed me to be

yo soy mucho mas than petty insecure thoughts

I AM LOVE! -repeat



J. Period & Nneka - Download “The Madness” (Onye-Ala) Mixtape

Words spillin from el Presidente


click me

So these are Valley Folk! Look hard Obama, cuz these people, these people have some story!

Mestizos! Mestizas! The Cosmic Race in Action!  And right here in front of my eyes! Somehow reading my thoughts too!
Amazing! Must be that Indian blood runnin thru them, shoot Christopher Columbus said it himself,


“The Indians are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest
-without knowledge of evil -nor do they murder and steal…”

Truth according to Columbus, unfortunately he did continue his thought with,
“…they would make fine servants. With Fifty men we could subjugate them and make them do anything we want.”

ugh. History :(
but it’s ok Valle.

This is the place, the community, the people,
that will show me and the world

This is where the concept of a “Natural Economy” will take hold and be effective in ridding the peoples of its many woes;
poverty, unemployment, general unhappiness, unequality…
essentially the woes of billions others on this Earth.

These are the people WHO WILL FIND THEIR VOICE.
Woot! n dam Obama, that girl, that Mestiza from the fountain taking this photograph, she’s gonna be the ignitor, the spark
     and YOU! YOU reading this rite HERE, rite NOW, You my friend are THE FIRE!!!

“Original Wealth and Peoples Capitalism” NATURAL ECONOMY


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